5 Fine Dining Suggestions in Porto


There is always some expectation when visiting new restaurants. So, I leave you with some suggestions of "Fine Dining" restaurants for a bold gastronomic experience in Porto.


With a casual fine dining concept, Almeja wants to be much more than a restaurant. It is a space that reflects all the ambitions and desires of its Chef, whose motivation is "to excite customers, not for the dishes he cooks, but for the way he cooks them".

João Cura, the Chef de Cuisine of Almeja, despite being young, already has extensive experience in the sector, having worked in the great cuisines of Spain. Upon returning to Portugal, he decided to open his own restaurant in Porto, motivated by his travels and experiences. The environment and sustainability are at the top of his concerns, so his art is based on the market offer and small local producers.

Barão Fladgate

With a unique setting in the Port wine cellars and a view over the Douro River and the historic center of Porto, Barão Fladgate offers a contemporary interpretation of traditional cuisine with fresh local ingredients and an international touch.

Chef Ricardo Cardoso is a native of Porto, the city where he graduated in cuisine from the Porto Hotel School. He started his career at the Hotel Meridien in Invicta in 1996, but quickly decided to collect different inspirations and knowledge in prestigious cuisines both inside and outside his mother city. He has been giving us his passion and curiosity for 4 years, which he has passed on to his dedicated and exclusive team. Together they seek to enhance the best of Portugal, combining traditional flavors with the most exquisite of classic international cuisine.


The Oficina restaurant - a former mechanic's garage for car restoration - is the materialization of what could only be the utopia desired by a man with a unique path in the World of Art in Portugal. Oficina is not just a restaurant. It is also a space for meetings between traditional Portuguese cuisine and artists available to reinvent dishes.

Marco Gomes opens the kitchen of the "Oficina" space to collaboration with a rainbow of artistic revelations. This chef seeks to extract the maximum expression from his products, in an appearance destined to seduce the eye without ever losing contact with tradition.


Vinum Restaurant & Wine Bar was born from the history and passion of two families that came together to create a unique space. The Symingtons are a British family, with a very Portuguese heart, dedicated to the production of Port and Douro wines. When it came time to choose a business partner to open a restaurant space, they found the Sagardis. Sagardi is a Basque restaurant group, created over 20 years ago by Iñakilz de Viñapres and his family, with over 32 restaurants worldwide.

Vinum presents a high quality gastronomic proposal, which brings to the table the best traditions of the Douro, Trás-os-Montes, Minho and the Atlantic that bathes Portugal. Alheira de Mirandela PGI, Fish from the Matosinhos Market and the exclusive old beef from Trás-os-Montes are some of the classics that can be tasted.

 The Yeatman Gastronomic Restaurant

The Yeatman Gastronomic Restaurant provides a classic and comfortable atmosphere, offering a high quality but discreet service, which results in the art of hospitality. The extraordinary panorama that makes up the Douro River and the Historic Center of Porto guarantee a stunning setting, to which the award of two Michelin stars in the 2017 Guide is added.

This restaurant harmonizes imaginative cuisine, in which traditional Portuguese flavors are interpreted and presented in a contemporary style. The varied tasting menu created by Chef Ricardo Costa allows guests to discover the richness and perfection of the links between wine and gastronomy in a contemporary style.